Artem Kukush

I am a engaged in SEO optimization|

15 years of experience:

I am 35 years old. I have designed websites and systems for 15 years. I do website optimization and promotion in search engines (SEO), design models of printing and advertising.

Of course, I have worked on creating projects of different complexity from small to really big for this period.

Experience has taught me to pay attention to details, not forgetting about the global goal.


I am strict to myself. I appreciate and respect my own and other people’s time. I like competent planning of work. I love to work. I realize that my work depends on the actions of other people.

I take pleasure from the fact that I could do my work well and on time.


I improve my skills all the time. I keep up with trends in design, usability technics and efficiency methods in website promotion and optimization.

I study a specialized literature every day. I communicate with colleagues and attend educational events.

I tend to be open to new knowledge and abilities. I keep up to date.

I do professionally web design, usability of sites, systems and applications:

I create attractive and marketing websites, develop an intuitive, natural and easy to remember user interfaces. I pay a particular attention to details and harmony of design.

I think up or implement according to your wishes scenarios of using website, system or application. I create very convenient sources of design for front end development. I create competently all pages of future project. I specialize in large projects. Contact me and I’ll tell you more about my approach to work.

I do professionally search engine optimization and promotion of websites (SEO):

Performing work on internal optimization: 1. Collection of semantic core; 2. Development of an effective SEO relinking, site structure and materials; 3. Composing of meta tags; 3. Writing SEO optimized content;

Working on promotion and optimization of search engines: 1. Work with anchor- lists; 2. Writing SEO-articles for promotion; 3. Link-building; 4. Working with links and articles markets; 5. Creating projects for programs of “automatic” promotion; 6. Work with donors of links and sites satellites. Doing "black, gray, white SEO."I possess of all methods and strategies to promote websites. I specialize in large projects. Contact me to get more information.

I do professionally print design:

I develop creative graphic design of print models according to your wishes and in accordance with the technical requirements of printing centers.

I create design models in purpose to provide ease perception on the print media. I develop design of business card, corporate style, calendars, letters, brochures, booklets, guides, corporate publications and other printing. Contact me. I will be glad to answer your questions.

I do professionally design of advertising:

Developing the design of advertising I consider not only a factor of aesthetic and artistic qualities, but also the effectiveness of future advertising message. I make variants of the creative idea, turning it into a real word design, that is intuitive for end user.

I invent by myself or implement according to your wishes logos and models of advertising, leaflets, brochures, models for outdoor advertising, banner internet advertising. I create an image and marketing design of advertising. Contact me. I will be glad to answer your questions.

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You can contact me by phone, skype, icq, e-mail or via the feedback form. I try to respond quickly to your emails and messages. I do not set aside your messages and emails. You are sure to get an answer. I`ll be glad to answer your questions.


+38 063 243 32 55